Milk Cooling Solutions

Kristal D&D specialises in designing milk cooling solutions for dairy farms throughout the United Kingdom.

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Feeding/Dairy Hygiene

The procurement of the right cleaning and hygiene products for your farm at the right price is crucial to producing milk profitably.

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Milking Machines

The milking machine is at the heart of every dairy farm, harvesting milk from every cow in the herd and conveying it to the bulk tank ready for collection.

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Milk Cooling Solutions at Kristal D&D

As a stainless steel manufacturer of milk refrigeration equipment as well as the UK supplier of Ro-Ka bulk tanks, Kristal D&D specialises in designing milk cooling solutions for dairy farms throughout the United Kingdom. Milk silos, ice builders, heat recovery systems, plate coolers and condensing units are manufactured in our own workshops, and our focus is maximising profitability for our customers by optimising energy efficiency.

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As well as our standard range of equipment that is designed to suit most requirements, we can provide bespoke systems to overcome specific challenges in refrigeration that arise on individual farms. For example, Kristal D&D designed and manufactured a 50,000-litre milk silo to meet the particular requirements of one of our customers. This is considerably larger than anything available "off-the-shelf" in Europe and is probably the biggest storage facility installed on this side of the Atlantic.

Dairy Hygiene Kristal D&D

Kristal D&D operates a route van for all dairy hygiene products and farm consumables. Our dedicated Salesman visits farms in Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire regularly each month to supply dairy chemicals, spares and sundries. Our vehicle has be specially designed to carry a wide range of products, and the integrated HIAB lift enables us to carry and offload 200kg drums and 1000kg IBCs without the need for specialist lifting machinery being available on the farm.

However, our route van service is much more than just a delivery facility. As well as a dairy farming background, our van saleman Warren Kirby has been trained in dairy hygiene, and is experienced in resolving milk quality.

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Robotic Milking Gea INTERESTED?

robotic milking with premium milk quality

Cows welcome the standardized, calm milking routine that takes place on every teat at every milking with GEA’s In-Liner Everything™ process. Teat stimulation, cleaning (or pre-dipping in applicable countries), drying, fore-stripping, milk harvest, and post-dipping all seamlessly occur inside the liner – in one single attachment.  

Additionally, milk flow from the beginning to the end of milk harvest - via each individual quarter - continuously passes through the DairyMilk M6850 cell count sensor for analysis and early detection of mastitis.  This revolutionary device is the first of its kind, using patented EPT technology, for real-time data that requires no chemical reagents.  

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Kristal D&D was set up in 1978 by David Garrett, St John Jones and Edward Daniel, who were already experienced dairy and refrigeration engineers. They were keen to develop their skills into a specialised business offering milking and milk cooling solutions to dairy farmers and milk processors around their base in Bromyard, Herefordshire.

The milking machine and dairy supplies business has now expanded to include farms throughout Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire, Monmouthshire and South Shropshire, whilst we offer milk cooling solutions throughout the United Kingdom.

David, Edward and Stjohn have now retired from the business as Directors and Kristal is now operating under new ownership with Jim Gillespie as Managing Director and Duane Sanger as Operations Director overseeing the day to day running.  Stjohn will continue to work within Kristal on a daily basis whilst David and Edward will be more on an adhoc as needed basis.

Duane and Jim look forward to working with existing customers and new customers.

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