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Milk cooling solutions have become our specialism over the years.We noticed that some sectors of the British dairy industry were not well-served by systems widely available in Europe, in particular the larger dairy farms and privately-run milk processors whose needs were not satisfied by the large scale commercial manufacturers.

As the profitability of production was squeezed we also felt it was more and more important to maximise profitability through the efficient use of pre-cooling and heat recovery to optimise efficiency. To meet this demand we now manufacture a range of milk silos, ice builders, heat recovery systems, plate coolers and condensing units. Furthermore we will design and manufacture bespoke milk cooling systems to meet special criteria, and offer this service throughout the United Kingdom.

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Kristal D&D's highly-skilled engineers ensure a trouble-free installation. Once your milk refrigeration system is installed, Kristal D&D offers tailor-made maintenance contracts to suit your requirements. We carry a wide range of spares, not just for Ro-Ka tanks, but also for Japy, Mueller, Fabdec, Fullwood Packo and DeLaval cooling equipment, and parts required urgently can generally be despatched for delivery the following day.

To find out how Kristal D&D can provide the right solution for you call us on 01885 483576 or please click link below.

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Milk Cooling Solutions

Kristal D&D specialises in designing milk cooling solutions for dairy farms throughout the United Kingdom.

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