Cluster Disinfection

Automated cluster flushing

  • to disinfect clusters between cows in the parlour
  • Minimises cross-infections of contagious mastitis pathogens;
  • Improves herd health and milk quality;
  • Automated cluster back-flushing saves labour;
  • Every cow, every milking;
  • Complete - whole cluster and milk tube;
  • Efficacy tested and proven results;
  • Safe, simple, and reliable;
  • Suits most parlour systems.

Does it slow down milking?

Milking out is not affected since there is no restriction to the vacuum supply to the cluster. In parlours with one unit per milking stall, Sureflush operates during cow exit and entry so will not delay cluster attachment.
In swingover parlours Sureflush operates immediately after cluster removal, taking 15 to 20 seconds to complete the cycle. There may therefore be some delay to cluster attachment. However in herds where contagious mastitis
is a problem this is likely to be more than compensated by less time spent treating clinical mastitis.

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