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This is where the liners come into play: they are crucial to achieving optimal milking results. Why? Liners are the only component that connects the cow to the milking unit. Their role is similar to that of your car’s tyres. To achieve maximum performance, safety and efficiency every time you drive, the size and material properties have to fit the model perfectly.

The same goes for liners. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. The reason: genetic efforts have led to changes in the shapes and sizes of their teats and udders, and there can be considerable variations within a single herd. In short: you need the right liner!

Kristal offers a range of liners to suit all parlours, not just GEA. Do get in touch with us to discuss your requirement, anything from standard portable milkers through to Milkrite cluster exchange options.

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Maximum flexibility in the part of the short milk hose. Neither nipples nor sight glass. The shape trimmed for maximum flexibility. Everything has been done to ensure optimum adaptability – regardless of the udder shape!

Fine adjustment of the claw center of gravity and the optimal positioning of the hose connection always keep your IQ in the correct position. The weight sits precisely where it is needed: 80 % on the teat and 20 % in the milk guide piece claw. Quick and non-stressful milking of all four quarters of the udder can be realized without any air ingressions and with high throughput.

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Classic 300 & Classic 300 E

... the heart of the Classic cluster A good shoe must fit the foot - poor-fitting shoes will cause foot problems. Far-fetched? Not at all! For maximum milk yields, the cluster must fit the udder like a good shoe fits the foot. And every udder is different!

Always a good fit: Classic 300 and Classic 300 E clusters For rapid milking results and high throughput, you need a balanced cluster. With the Classic 300 / E, approximately two-thirds of the cluster’s weight is in the teat cup shells. This prevents rigidity of the cluster on the udder.

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