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purpose made for milk cooling efficiency and reliability

The Kristal D&D condensing unit is one of the most popular condensing units operating on dairy farms in the UK today. The comprehensive range has been designed specifically for the cooling of milk, and they are renowned for their reliability and low running costs. Manfactured in stainless steel for maximum efficiency in all weathers, the Kristal D&D condensers offer the following features:

  • A choice of reciprocating, scroll or inertia compressors;
  • 30% oversized to ensure that the milk is cooled even if partial blocking of the condensing unit by straw or debris occurs;
  • Single phase options up to 5.5hp;
  • Modular stacking kit available at no extra cost for situations where floor space is limited;
  • Low noise levels for operator comfort as well as avoiding domestic/neighbour disturbance;
  • Condenser fins coated with vinyl for extra protection against corrosion and maximum durability;
  • Assembled with stainless steel bolts for faster and easier servicing.


Kristal D&D's highly-skilled engineers ensure a trouble-free installation. Once your milk refrigeration system is installed, Kristal D&D offers tailor-made maintenance contracts to suit your requirements. We carry a wide range of spares, not just for Ro-Ka tanks, but also for Japy, Mueller, Fabdec, Fullwood Packo and DeLaval cooling equipment, and parts required urgently can generally be despatched for delivery the following day.

To find out how Kristal D&D can provide the right solution for you call us on 01885 483576 or please click link below.

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