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Designed for positioning outside the milk room to avoid expensive building costs, the Kristal milk silos offers the following features:

  • Durable exterior together with high-density insulation protects against extreme temperatures;
  • Non-return valve enables bottom-filling and avoids excessive pumping of the milk;
  • A CIP cleaning system incorporated inside the stainless steel alcove situated through the milk-room wall for easy and effective cleaning;
  • Unique 2in1 outlet secures a perfect wash every time;
  • A selection of colour options to help blend with the environment;
  • Built to order so can be manufactured in a size to suit the farm requirements.


Kristal D&D's highly-skilled engineers ensure a trouble-free installation. Once your milk refrigeration system is installed, Kristal D&D offers tailor-made maintenance contracts to suit your requirements. We carry a wide range of spares, not just for Ro-Ka tanks, but also for Japy, Mueller, Fabdec, Fullwood Packo and DeLaval cooling equipment, and parts required urgently can generally be despatched for delivery the following day.

To find out how Kristal D&D can provide the right solution for you call us on 01885 483576 or please click link below.

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