Milk Pasteurisers & Separators

If you are considering processing your milk on farm and selling direct to the consumer then; Kristal D&D are proud to offer a complete solution for your Milk pasteurising requirements with many years of experience.

When considering your system you need to not only consider the pasteuriser itself, but also:-
How will you cool the milk in the stipulated time ensuring long life and quality of the milk?
How will you transfer the milk to your vending machine churns?
How will you wash the system?
Do you need to store the milk?
How automated do you want your system to be?

Kristal have solutions to answer all the questions above. Kristal are the only supplier in the UK who can offer a solution to cover the whole process and ensure this is linked where necessary into your currently system from your Milking Machine, cooling equipment and wash systems. We can also over water recovery system integrated into your pasteuriser to ensure you are as profitable as you can be!

We offer the Milkplan batch pasteuriser from 50L – 1000L.
All MP pasteurisers are ergonomic designed and made from aisi 304 food grade stainless steel, they all benefit from excellent tank insulation courtesy of their double wall and two component environmentally friendly polyurethane foam.

Milkplan pasteurisers have a heat exchanger manufactured with laser technology, designed for faster water flow that provides optimal efficiency and combines energy saving and high durability.

Included with all units is an integrated agitation motor which will come with a special agitator per model depending on the use.

Other features include:

  • adjustable heavy duty stainless steel feet for levelling on uneven surfaces.
  • stainless steel dipstick for measurement of the content.
  • stainless steel immersion sensor ntc ip68 aisi316 for temperature indication.
  • stainless steel electronic control panel with colour touch screen for easy control of the pasteurization process.

Kristal also offer a range of separators and invertor system to move your milk around ensuring no damage is caused to the milk during the process.

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