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servicing to keep the milking machine at peak performance

Routine servicing of your milking machine helps to prevent the gradual deterioration of consumable parts from getting to the point where their condition affects milk quality and, worse still, the cows themselves. A parlour operating for just 5 hours a day (including milking and washing) works for 1,825 hours a year - a car averaging 40 miles/hour would do 73,000 miles in the same time!

As the milking machine consists of many moving parts (such as teat cup liners, pulsators, shut-off valves) and its efficiency is reliant on the precise movement of these parts, routine servicing is a cost-effective solution to keeping the milking machine at peak performance.

kristal d&d offers:
  • Servicing scheduling to plan the timing of services according to its average running time and a reminder when the next service is due;
  • A record kept of the equipment installed in the milking parlour to enable the right parts to be ordered in advance of the service;
  • A specialist service engineer who will arrive at the agreed appointment time with the right parts to carry out the type of service that is due;
  • A record of the service completed showing the parts that have been replaced;
  • Service contracts allowing you to spread the cost of labour and parts over monthly payments.


Kristal D&D offers a same-day response to emergency calls, 24 hours a day. Our on-call engineer carries a wide range of stock to cover the most usual breakdowns, and this is backed up by the components we keep in our extensive stores at our head office in Bromyard. When required we can normally source more unusual parts for next-day or 3-day delivery.

To find out how Kristal D&D can provide the right solution for you call us on 01885 483576 or please click link below.

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