Out of Parlour Feeding

Out of Parlour Feeding

For optimum feeding of concentrates

  • A choice of plastic or stainless steel feed stations;
  • Accurate ID with a choice of ear tag, Responder or Rescounter;
  • Up to 3 feeders per station;
    Feeders that dispense by volume to give consistency and accuracy;
  • Dynamic timed feed allocation ensures that each animal receives its allotted daily ration according to sound nutritional principles;
  • Simple data entry allows easy creation of complex feed curves;
    Automatic calculation of concentrate feed stations according to yield*, lactation status, and, if available, body condition score.

Smooth trouble-free feeding

DairyPlan C21 allows you to implement feeding strategies in a competent and efficient way. Daily rations are automatically calculated in relation to milk yield, lactation status and, if available, BCS (body condition score.)

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