Parlour and Cubicle Matting

Kristal are main dealers for Kraiburg Matting

Kraiburg is Europe's leading manufacturer of rubber flooring systems for animal housing including dairy, beef and pig.

Combining the best in animal welfare standards with optimal cost effectiveness.

Proven results in reducing lameness and injury, improving claw health, minimising bedding and labour costs, boosting milk yields in dairy cows and promoting weight gain in fattening animals.

Please contact Kristal for more information on any comfort matting requirements that you may have.

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Kristal D&D specialises in designing milk cooling solutions for dairy farms throughout the United Kingdom.

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Dairy Hygiene & Sundries

Dairy Hygiene & Sundries products for your farm at the right price is crucial to producing milk profitably.

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Kristal D&D offers tailor-made services to suit your requirements.

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