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The advantages of using pasteurised milk for feeding calves are numerous and contribute both to the health of the young animal and resource savings for the user.

Raw milk has much larger concentrations of protein and fat and is better absorbed by the body, compared to a common milk replacer. This results in faster growth and earlier weaning of the animal.

With MP MilkCab we can use the "bad" milk produced in the livestock unit. The unsaleable milk is pasteurised and reused for feeding, substituting other replacers which means:

  • Reduced cost for animal feeding
  • Fast payback of the pasteurization equipment

The MP MilkCab pasteurise is considered to be the ideal solution for the feeding of small calves with milk or milk powder, it contributes to the proper feeding and healthy development of the calves as well as to the resource-saving for the livestock farmer.

With MP MilkCab, milk powder is mixed uniformly while, at the same time, it is pasteurised before the feeding of the calves, thus protecting them from germs and illnesses. Also, the unsaleable milk is pasteurised and used for the feeding of calves, replacing milk substitutes.

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Once your new milking machine is installed we do not leave it there. Our first priority is to ensure that you understand all the components, how to use them to maximise herd health and profitability, how to keep them clean and how to carry out routine maintenance to keep them functioning efficiently.

Most milking equipment from GEA Farm Technologies is eligible for extended warranty for up to 5 years (terms and conditions apply) giving you peace of mind and allowing you to budget accurately for some time. Kristal D&D offers routine servicing and testing - again our specialist engineers are highly trained to ensure your milking equipment continues to operate smoothly for years to come.

To find out how Kristal D&D can provide the right solution for you call us on 01885 483576 or please click link below.

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