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testing to a standard

Testing provides a check that the milking machine is performing within the limits provided by the International Standard (ISO6690). Static testing is done when the parlour is not in use and checks the functionality of the different components of the machine. Dynamic testing is carried out during milking and checks whether the machine as a whole is performing correctly during use.

Kristal D&D carries out a static test prior to commissioning a new installation and subsequently at each service. Dynamic testing is normally only used as part of our troubleshooting service to identify the causes of milk hygiene or cell count problems. Following a static or dynamic test, our engineer will discuss the results with the customer and provide a copy of the test report.


Kristal D&D offers a same-day response to emergency calls, 24 hours a day. Our on-call engineer carries a wide range of stock to cover the most usual breakdowns, and this is backed up by the components we keep in our extensive stores at our head office in Bromyard. When required we can normally source more unusual parts for next-day or 3-day delivery.

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