Rotary GEA DairyRotor T8900

Developed especially for dairy producers with large farms, the GEA DairyRotor T8900 rotary milking parlor can turn potential into productivity. That is easy thanks to the system’s extremely flexible design. Select the size and equipment that is just right for you, and let GEA help make your vision for the farm of the future a reality today.

With GEA, you benefit from great throughput and performance. T8900 is tailored for superior performance and seamless processes right down to the smallest detail – from cow traffic through to process handling and milk flow.

Following onsite installation, GEA customers are supported with a high level of service and support. A specialized scheduled maintenance program is available through the network of GEA dealerships around the world helping to ensure trouble-free operation and a long product lifetime.

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Rotary Milfos Iflow Rotary parlour

Increasing efficiency, reliability, and cost-saving has been central to the development of GEA New Zealand’s product range over the past 40 years. And the product range is diverse: from large milking systems, electronics, and plastic parts, to smaller consumable components.

Our comprehensive range consists of milking, stalling, dairy automation, and herd management tools - all designed to make farming easier.

We provide custom-built solutions. Each project is customized to suit your farm requirements and budget - not just for now, but into the future. Everything we do is manufactured in New Zealand and designed especially for pastoral farming.

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